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9th August 2010

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I’m sick of pre-pubescent pudenda

- Me, right now. I like my women with pubic hair OKAY? It’s so rare to see hairy snatch these days that it’s taboo. Shut up about it already, we grow hair down there once it’s legal to fuck us, you should be GLAD TO SEE IT (via ccake


Reblogged for the wonderful word “pudenda.”

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If you can’t handle hair down there you shouldn’t be allowed to undress adults.

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Agreed, but also to note, you probably shouldn’t be allowed to undress children either.

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  3. erinmargrethe said: Nope. It’s itchy and annoying. I’m 35 and there’s no fucking doubt I’m a woman. I don’t care what the people I fuck prefer. They’ve got their own genital topiary to prune in whatever fashion they prefer.
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