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8th February 2013

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A post ice-fishing menu

(provided we catch no fish)

Charcuterie — coppa de testa, blood mortadella, headcheese, country ham

Sausage x 3 — boudin blanc, boudin noir, truffle & tellegio 

Chorizo-stuffed, bacon-wrapped dates, roasted pequillo pepper sauce

Tuna donburi — black rice, quail egg

Brussels sprouts — kimchi puree, bacon

Tuna ‘nuta’ — miso, mayo, cilantro

If we do catch fish, we’re frying everything — fish, potatoes, hush puppies, etc. 

To drink, there’s Matt’s homebrew, some white dog cocktails and sake. 

In any case, I feel like we’re eating pretty well for a threadbare cabin on a frozen lake in BFE Wisconsin. 

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    i’m bringing oscar meyer roast chicken & bread just in case bill dies on the ice AND we catch no fish.
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    Bill is a welcome addition to any ice fishing camp.
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