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28th May 2012

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Dinner Tonight — Memorial Day

The Juicy Lucy. Apparently a Minnesota staple (I have no idea. I’m from South Georgia), you stuff the burger with cheese and hope to hell it doesn’t cut and run. Assuming you seal the burgers correctly, it’s dead easy. Also: tasty.

The recipe —

Makes 4 burgers:

2 pounds ground chuck (I like 80/20)
4 slices melting cheese*
Garlic Salt
(All to taste)

Combine ground beef and seasonings as appropriate. (Ordinarily, I’d not season my meat before forming burgers, but we’re going to cook this past medium rare, and so I find the extra flavor helps).

Form 8 four-ounce patties and press into very thin circles.

Fold cheese slice into four quarters, stack one quarter on top of another and place into the center of the four patties. 

Top with remaining patties, press carefully to seal (this is the most important part) and place back into the refrigerator while you heat the grill.

Grill 4-5 minutes per side, pricking with a toothpick after you flip. Don’t flip again. 

Rest and dress appropriately. 

*I know it’ll strike at the heart of some folks, but American cheese really works best. Other melting cheeses will do, but I used pepperjack tonight and even that didn’t melt the way that American does. Basically, just don’t use cheddar. 

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